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Aug 232014
It’s so horny seeing this ambitious young city boy bound in ropes while still in his full suit. You can just imagine him being led around to all the bankers’ bars to have his ass pimped out and fucked while the high-powered men crowd around him swirling their martinis. At BreederFuckers, once he’s tied up good and proper his suit is cut off him to reveal his muscular smooth chest. Adrian isn’t going to help him with the rest. He orders Kasper to shimmy out of his trousers and pants. With his arms bound behind his back, this is difficult to accomplish and further humiliates the lad. His sensitive nipples are clamped and he’s led around the room painfully crawling on his knees to prevent his nips from being wrenched off. It’s important to train the head-strong young man in this way so he understands that he no longer has free will. If his head is led to a man’s crotch he must sniff and worship the bulge he finds there until he gets his master good and hard. Now he needs to learn to offer up his own genitals as a gentleman’s plaything. With the danger of his aching nipples being yanked even harder Kasper is taught to vocalize how he wants his cock yanked, his balls jangled and his tight asshole fingered. Kasper is ordered on his knees and made to wank the men towering over him. Even with his arms constricted at his sides he must concentrate hard stroking them men till they are fully erect. His dexterity is further tested as he alternates between sucking each man’s cock while still stroking the other one. Kasper is completely overwhelmed as he’s ordered back and forth driving the men wild with a desire to cum. His neck and leg are bound to the wall so he’s sprawled on the floor with his legs uncomfortably spread open. Kasper is made into a proper slut sucking cock and getting a vibrator rammed up his hole. He must suck that dick properly or he receives sharp shocks to the tender insides of his thighs. Soon enough he’s moaning like a whore. Dave orders him to open his gob wide as he unleashes a fresh load of spunk. His load coats Kasper’s tongue and the tamed boy is ordered to lick every drop off Dave’s shaft. This cum covered slut is now ready for the board room. 0002 0007 0017 0018 0019 0026 0029 0038 0040 0048 0049 0057 0061 0067 0079 0090 0097 0099
Aug 222014

At BrutalTops, handsome sadist Kasper finds his sub completely naked in the sordid basement. The Master enjoys seeing his sub in such despair and orders him to lick his smelly armpits. The Master has been working out so is very sweaty and very smelly. The sub has to pull down the master’s shorts and reveals an impressive bulge in his sweat soaked underwear. The sub gets down on his knees and licks the stinking feet of Kasper. Grinning and sneering, the Master enjoys this humiliation and soon his dick is rock hard solid and he strips off the last of his clothes. 

The Master raises his leg on a nearby urinal so that the sub can get full access to his asshole. The moaning sub has to lick the Master’s cruddy hole completely clean. Then the Master reverses onto the sub’s face and makes him rub his nose and tongue deep into the Master’s asshole. He pushes his hole ever deeper onto the sub’s tongue as the sub whimpers and quietly complains. The Master ignores his noises and continues the humiliation.

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Aug 212014

Uber-confident muscle man Yogi wants to make a lot of money screwing beautiful women at TheCastingRoom. He’s a monosyllabic hunk whose barrel-like chest and enormous thick thighs make him look like a beast ready to pounce. The big twin globes of his arse cheeks part to reveal an arsehole that has never been penetrated by even a finger. When he’s confronted with the reality that to make the big cash he might have to take it up the arse, he painfully mulls it over. His wank test is a wonder to behold with the sheer anger and energy he puts into pounding his todger. 

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Aug 212014

After Michael Lucas, Jonathan Agassi, and Adam Killian launched their gay bareback sex premieres on Lucas Entertainment, Christopher Daniels was approached by Adam to see how he felt about getting fucked raw for the first time at the New York-based studio. There wasn’t much hesitation on Christopher’s part, especially when we told him his scene partner would be the handsome New York City native Marcus Isaacs, a man he’s always been smitten with for his furry muscular body and seductive face. Marcus, in turn, can’t keep his hands off of Christopher (he likes blond men) and it doesn’t take much effort for them to strip off their clothes and suck each other’s dicks. But it’s the fucking we want, and Marcus delivers: he makes Christopher bend his body as he stuffs his raw cock deep inside Christopher. And no bareback premiere would be complete if Chris doesn’t take his turn and slam Marcus! 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09


Aug 212014

This is the summer of newcomers at BelAmi as we have introduced almost a dozen new models over the past couple of months. In this 2 part freshman 3 way Tony Conrad, Ramon Macchio and Yannick Modine break each other in! As you will see in this eye-popping scene these newcomers are already behaving like stars on camera in this spectacular debut 3 way for these new BelAmi Boys. In Part 1 Tony and Ramon take turns pounding Yannick clearly making him the focus of attention and in part 2 Yannick remains the center of attenti on as he takes on both Tony and Yannick giving it back to both boys with ease. Part 1 is live today and part 2 comes out Saturday August 23rd!


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Aug 212014

The pathetic, naked sub is all alone, cowering on the floor of the sordid basement. Horny Master Jaime enters carrying a belt and immediately begins to menace and humiliate the defeated worm. The sub is ordered to lick the Master’s armpits which stink after a hot, sweaty day. Then the sub pulls off Jaime’s shoes and licks the feet of the Master with his tongue going deep in between the filthy toes of the sneering Top. 

Then stripped to his underpants, the Master shows off his semi-erect dick through the thin cotton and begins to push around the sub, ordering him to continue licking clean his entire sweaty body. The cowering sub does exactly as he’s told. 

By now excited, the dominant Master rams his dick deep into the sub’s mouth, making him lick off the stinking crud under his foreskin and deeply swallow the length of Jaime’s dick. The Master replies by strapping a dog collar onto the sub with which to pull him about. The Master pushes the sub’s head into the urinal and orders him to lick the smeg and pre-cum from the end of his cock. 

Then Jaime reverses onto the sub’s face and orders him to push his tongue deep into his Master’s asshole. The filthy hole is smeared on the sub’s nose as he is used as human toilet paper. By now sporting a massive erection, the Master throws the sub onto his back on the floor and continues pumping his dick into his quietly murmuring mouth. The powerless sub is unable to resist any of the Master’s demands.

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Aug 212014

This week we have our resident Adonis and superstar Kris Evans with one of hottest newcomers
of the year, Rhys Jagger, in a photo-session video and a side-by-side jerk off video that can only be described as SIMPLY PERFECT. These two beautiful men SIMPLY compliment each other’s PERFECTLY sculpted physiques as they are seen frolicking around outside, playing in an outdoor shower while making out and exploring each other’s bodies before sitting down side by side and stroking their perfect boners and exploding on each other in typical BelAmi style. This is just a teaser for what is coming in September when we present Kris Evans bottoming for Rhys Jagger.
Stay tuned for banners and promotional assets for this series of September event releases featuring the one and only Kris Evans!1
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