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Sep 292014

At BrutalTops sadistic Master Derek appears fresh from the football field where he’s been kicking around a ball with his mates. He is sweaty and frustrated so grabs a thrashing belt with which to threaten his pathetic sub. The master lashes out at the squirming sub and quickly reddens his ass-cheeks as he lands blows on his rear.

The sub is manhandled around and has to lick the stinking armpits of the master, stale sweat is licked away by the sub and the Master gobs into the sub’s feeble, quietly complaining face. The bottom’s head is rammed down and he has to use his tongue to lick his master’s dirty football boots – the sub has to remove the top’s socks so that he can get his tongue over the top’s filthy toes.

Then the aroused master pulls off his shorts and reverses himself into the face of the sub so that the master’s ass crack nuzzles against the nose of the whimpering sub. This gets the top’s dick harder so he sits on the sub’s face and makes him push his tongue up his smelly hole. Finally, the sub has to suck the master’s big dick as the energetic top pumps up and down onto the prostate sub’s face. Powerless, the sub lies on his back and can’t prevent the harsh treatment which is being dished out to him.001 002 003 004 005 006 007 008 009 010 011 012 013 014 015 016 017 018

Sep 292014

This is a stunning outdoor scene shot and lit perfectly highlighting the chiseled body of the Adonis Kris Evans as he takes turns topping Jean Daniel and Adam bareback in an explosive scene that ends with epic cum_shots that BelAmi is known for. As Kris Evans, Adam Archuleta and Jean-Daniel have fantastically toned bodies we decided to showcase their physiques as intro to the action where you can see the guys flexing and showing off at the same beautiful outdoor location where the 24 model bareback_orgy was filmed last year. If anything is worthy enough to follow that it would be this 5 star scene! In part 2 Jean Daniel and Adam take turns topping Kris and his perfect ass with no condoms in Kris’s bareback bottoming debut that audience have been requesting for years.

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Sep 292014

Ricky Roman and Levi Michaels are two of our most charismatic CockyBoys, yet they’ve never done a scene together until now. They first met and flirted at a club in New York, then in Las Vegas for a CockyBoys event, then back in New York again with plenty of “practice” sex in between. With that chemistry already in place, we knew it was going to be one hot scene!

Levi loved working Ricky’s uncut cock with his mouth, and Ricky happily returned the favor before drilling him hard against a window pane. What we weren’t expecting, though, was how kinky Ricky was going to go. After he propped Levi on all fours, Ricky brought out a thick leather belt and tied Levi’s hands together firmly behind his back. And it got even hotter when he brought out the blindfold…

Levi reached his tipping point when Ricky began pounding him missionary style, carefully pulling off his blindfold, and Ricky rewarded Levi with a hot facial. The raw passion between these guys really goes to show you that practice makes perfect!

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Sep 292014

At BreederFuckers mechanic Bobby bursts in enraged that his Mrs has left him after photos of him being sexually roughed up by men have circulated everywhere online. With his boyish handsome look he’s got the perfect look for the Skoolboy scene we’ve been planning. He’s wrangled into a room where he’s dressed up in uniform and put on display with his arms bound behind his back. Reaching into the open fly of his trousers we can feel how eager he is. We want this boy to learn real gay romance so we get him to stick out his pink tongue for some hot hard manly kissing. His oral needs some improvement. Time to chow down on dick. With two big hard cocks in his face Bobby is ordered to turn back and forth to service them as much as possible. All the while he must stare pleadingly into the camera with his big saucer eyes. Every thrust into his drooling gob forms an apple in his cheek. Those big full lips look so good locked over a stiff cock it’s like he was born to do this. He’s turned around with his arsehole fully on display. Presented on the podium like this it’s like Bobby is up for auction with his hole going to the highest bidder. His arse is greased up and fingered so the red-faced lad grimaces in shock. While his hole is being drilled into he must also suck the dick thrust in his face. With his body painfully twisted and being screwed from every direction this straight boy finally learns who is boss.

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Sep 282014

Angry Master Derek continues to damage his squirming, pathetic sub. Lashed to a bench, the defeated sub is harshly caned until his ass cheeks are quite red raw. The pain is immense as the sadistic Master thrashes down blow after blow. Disobedience is quickly punished and the captured sub can do nothing but allow the cane to whip down on his sore, spread-eagled asshole.

The Master then decides to teach the worm a lesson that he won’t forget. He strips off his shorts and reverses his stinking asshole directly onto the face of the sub. With his legs spread wide apart and pumping his hips backwards, the Master orders the sub to lick his ass crevice and makes him clear off the sweat and stale shit. The sub’s tongue is pushed deep into the master’s gaping rectum. His humiliation is complete as the sub is treated like a piece of pathetic human toilet paper.

After this, the master grabs a douche to fill his anus with water which is quickly jetted out from his asshole, directly into the open mouth of the sub. This worm knows he is powerless to prevent what’s happening to him as fetid water fills his mouth and he is forced to swallow it down his throat. Finally, the totally dominant master screams abuse into the sub’s cowering face and gobs over the worthless pile of nothing.

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Sep 242014

RICKY ROMAN is out resident Sweetheart. This sexy pup is a perfect mix of soft gentleness and edgy resilience. Part of #TeamTan, Ricky exudes all the characteristics of being the perfect CockyBoy: he’s as beautiful on the inside as he is on the outside. Other delectable studs Duncan Black, Jake Bass & Asher Hawk join him in this collection… Enjoy — Jake Jaxson

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Sep 242014

Gabriel Clark and Jaxon Radoc have a lot in common, yet they’ve never met in person until now. Though Jaxon’s from Australia and Gabriel’s from Canada, they both share the same outspoken, brazen personality and uninhibited sexuality.

Gabriel’s known for being a brutal top, and while Jaxon considers himself versatile, he couldn’t help but gravitate toward the bottom the more he talked with Gabriel. Jaxon said he had planned to make the chemistry much more sensual than aggressive, but Gabriel was quick to cut him off. “We’ll start sensual, but…”

Gabriel definitely kept his word! The guys shared some intimate kissing, blowing, and rimming, but once Gabriel told Jaxon to sit on his cock, all rules were thrown out the window. After getting plowed in every way that’s possible on a couch, Jaxon finally blew his load all over his own chest while Gabriel blew an even bigger load a short while later. Though Jaxon may not have been expecting it, I think it’s safe to say he got “Clark’d!”

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